Your First Visit

Our Mission Statement

To be the best pediatric dental practice in the region, offering quality dental treatment to all children and adolescents in a caring and compassionate environment.

Welcome to our practice and the world of Pediatric Dentistry. We have prepared this section for you to help you and your child for your first visit to our practice. We have linked a health history for you to complete and bring with you for your visit. This allows us to learn more about your child’s medical and dental history so that we can better answer your questions and prepare a treatment plan best suited to your child’s needs.

At the first visit we will perform a complete oral, head and neck examination and allow your child to get acquainted with our facilities and staff. We feel that in this way they are more at ease with who we are and what dentistry is. If you have an older child, 4 years or greater we will also clean and topically fluoridate the teeth at this visit. The younger children will often be scheduled for a second visit for the cleaning and fluoride treatment as we are more concerned with their acclimation gradually into this new environment.

Our philosophy on treating Children & special needs patients is to treat the whole child, not just the teeth and that is based on open communication with both the child and the parent/guardian. The only way in which we can be successful in developing a healthy generation of children who are free of dental disease is by establishing good preventive comprehensive oral care while building self confidence in each child.

Children, when introduced to dentistry at a young age, develop healthy attitudes toward receiving dental treatment. Children learn what to fear from others and if introduced to dental care in a pleasant, comfortable, and stress-free environment usually will not have any difficulty in being treated.

We view our goals and responsibilities as helping each child and family develop good dental habits of proper oral hygiene and nutrition. Tooth decay is only highly prevalent in an industrialized society where refined sugar is in use.

Many children will walk through our lives and each one is important to us. We will see many special children in our practice and this gives us great satisfaction to be able to help make their lives a little better.

Our practice is devoted solely to the care of children and adolescents, and we wish to provide them with the best dental care possible.

We look forward to meeting you and your child and hope that we begin a long-lasting relationship in providing high quality dental care. We encourage you to ask questions regarding any treatment recommendations or services provided.